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Book Press Release

Greg Cusimano has been trying cases and studying decision making for several decades. About 20 years ago, he teamed up with a lawyer from Phoenix, AZ, David Wenner, to test applied social science to jury decision making. In 2005, Cusimano and Wenner formed the national consulting firm Winning Works LLC along with David Bossart, a lawyer from N.D., and Ed Lazarus, a political consultant from Maryland. Greg and David along with their consulting partners authored a new book, Winning Case Preparation.  The book is designed to help recognize and understand biases we all have. The recent release by publisher, Trial Guides, demonstrates how to analyze a case to determine its strengths and weaknesses, how to avoid being blindsided, and outlines a proven way of increasing the likelihood of success at trial. The authors also suggest a framework for preparing a case to better understand jurors and to communicate information that is most important to jurors who make the decisions.

For the past 13 years, the consulting team has utilized the findings of social science and juror research to assist attorneys in helping their clients.  Winning Works has been involved in some of the largest trial verdicts in the country, totaling more than $4 billion.

Gregory S. Cusimano is a partner in the law firm of Cusimano, Roberts, Mills & Knowlton in Gadsden, Alabama, as well as the national consulting firm Winning Works, LLC.