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“Cusimano, Roberts, Mills and Knowlton Law Firm are the Best! My husband and I got Mr. Don Knowlton for our Will. We were very satisfied with him. This is something you really don’t like to do , but he made it go better! Also I consulted with him on another issue. He was very truthful and got to the point even if it wasn’t to my advantage by law. He saved me money and time. He has a heart for people and wants to help them. But still he has to go by the laws. Don Knowlton is a great and caring lawyer, a good man. Very thorough, explains very well. The Staff there is friendly. I highly recommend this Law Firm!”

Billie Sue Thompson

“Emily Mills was my attorney in a case I was involved in Dekalb County. Ms. Mills did an outstanding job in representing me during a lengthy and stressful case. She was there when I had a question or concern. I would highly recommend Ms. Mills to my friends and to anyone seeking professional legal advice”

Neal Thrash

“Greg was very helpful, did what he could for us and referred us to someone else for the other work we needed. A very pleasant experience at a very fair fee.”

Larry Frost

“Mike Roberts is an amazing lawyer who is dedicated to his clients and his profession. He helped me tremendously after a serious accident so that I wasn’t left to negotiate with an insurance company on my own. I highly recommend him and Cusimano, Roberts, & Mills LLC.”

M Barnhill

“Very professional and prompt legal help. Highly recommend!!”

CJ Whitmire

“Emily is a rottweiler attorney with such a nice approach. She’s so sweet and everyone is so drawn to that. Before you know it, the defense attorney and their client are being hit with a deer in the headlight kinda look after she’s done in the courtroom!!!! I will hire her over and over and over again. I’ve seen her in action on my behalf for 2 different cases now and she is absolutely incredible!!!”

Charity Haney

“Have been fortunate to have Greg and his associates do my legal work for over 30 years, and have been very pleased with his legal expertise to help me with my business and concerns for my family. If you you want some legal help for you or your family, could not recommend anyone more capable than Greg or his associates!”

Dr. Larry Grimes
Gadsden, AL

“This firm has done al of my legal work for 31 years. I would not consider using another firm. They are GREAT!”

Jerry Smith
Southside, AL

“I learned about Ms. Mills by hunting on the internet for a domestic violence service provider in Gadsden and learned that although the local shelter had closed its doors temporarily, she was on its board. I began to pursue her.” “…she was extraordinarily helpful, very concerned about the well-being of our client and her baby, and readily agreed to assume the Alabama representation….” “Ms. Mills quickly became an indispensable part of the team of lawyers working on Ms. …’s case…working pro bono.” “One of our law graduates accompanied our client and her baby to the court appearance in Alabama. She described Ms. Mills’ excellent preparation of our client and a witness the evening before the hearing, and her extraordinary trial work, which included direct examinations of Ms. … and the good Samaritan as well as a devastatingly effective cross examination of Ms. …’s abusive husband. The decision Ms. Mills obtained was far better than anything we would have received in court in New York City. Words are inadequate to express the depth of Sanctuary’s gratitude for Ms. Mills’ generosity, compassion, and exemplary pro bono services.”

Director of the Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services
New York, NY

“Greg Cusimano and Betsy Wells were extremely helpful to me in finalizing the estate of my late husband, Colonel Donald P. Kelly, Jr. Greg and Betsy were kind and understanding at a time of great sorrow for me and for my family. I never felt pressured to do any of the required documents to settle the estate. They showed great patience toward me as I filled out the many documents required to finalize the estate. I would highly recommend the firm of Cusimano, Roberts, Mills & Knowlton, LLC.”

Marguerite E. Piazza Kelly
Glencoe, AL

“Thanks again Greg and Mike and your staff for all the kindness you showed me over the past five years. You’re all just the best! I want both you (Greg) and Mike to know you are my personal heroes! Thank you for your patience, stamina and skill! I appreciate both of you very much.”

Lynne Usas 2/9/14

“The law firm of Cusimano, Roberts and Mills has represented me personally and my business for many years. I have known Greg personally for over 25 years. Their attorneys have assisted me in several business decisions. We consult with them on a regular basis both personally and professionally. They are an integral part of our business. I look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.”

Clyde L. Morris, Jr., President
Gadsden Music Company, Inc.

“From the moment I arrived in Greg’s office my eyesight was amazed and fully engaged with the plaques, awards, trophies, magazine covers and books with Mr. Greg Cusimano’s name on ALL of them. If an attorney was a rock star, Greg would clearly be BONO of U2. The level of his success was formidable and intimating and INSPIRING. I became less concerned with what all he had won/earned and more intrigued by how he won/earned them.

When you study successful people, you learn that people have different motives for success. Some are out to prove their capability, their worth. Some are trying to win over the love/acceptance of a father. Some are selfish with their success and would not share a morsel of knowledge with you for fear you might rival them. They are the ones who enjoy being a HAVE and look down at the Have Nots and keeping them there! Greg Cusimano does not fall in any of those categories. He is a brilliant, simple, humble man who truly likes people. All people. His father was an immigrant, and not just a Heinz 57 immigrant thrusted into the Melting Pot of the New America. His father was Sicilian. A family where determination was as important as the homemade marinara. For with any deviation of those recipes, failure would be the certain outcome. Greg remembers stories of his father speaking of the great injustice and discrimination of KKK members burning crosses in his yard. Greg remembers being Catholic, Italian, Sicilian as a child in America. A child in the SOUTH! Gadsden, Alabama.

So Pop recognized early if he wanted his son to be successful, or even have a half of a chance on the equal playing field, he would have to have guidance. Greg paid attention when his Pop said, “You gotta be faster, you gotta be smarter, you gotta be better, when you’re Catholic and Sicilian.

As a young man Greg had the opportunity to see truth, and beauty, discrimination and the ugliness of hate. The bitterness of broken hearts wronged by the greedy rich. And the decent successful families torn down by the greedy hands of charlatans.

Law has changed a great deal over the years. Greg continues to fight the good fight. To speak his vision of the idealist, and of windmill chargers who are not afraid. Charging ahead in what appears to be a delusional world for an impossible dream. It is the man of principle like Greg Cusimano who will continue to charge the windmill and defeat evil. It is my belief when Greg Cusimano walks into his office and the morning light from downtown Gadsden casts it shadows on the dozens of plaques and trophies, I think he sees the faces and the files that brought that recognition. It is the people he has helped, and the lives his determination and commitment changed that he is most proud of in his lifetime of achievement. The families who’s lives were brought meaning is what truly motivates Mr. Greg Cusimano to keep charging Windmills.”

Jenna Sue Payne

Albertville, AL

“Don was recommended to me by another lawyer when I was a student in need of a divorce lawyer. He took my case on an agreement that was very favorable to my student finances then. At the end of the case, after we emerged from the trial, Don did not shake hands and take off, but instead, he found us a quiet room in the courthouse and asked me to spend some time with him. In that room, over an hour or two, he shared his own experience and advised me on how to move forward with my life now that the trial had ended. His words of advice, from one who has walked the path I chose to walk, are still remembered today and have helped me immensely with my new life and marriage. If you are in need of a dedicated and passionate lawyer who will go the extra mile, Don is a lawyer you need to seriously consider. The factors that made Don a wonderful lawyer for me should work if you are looking to hire Don for a personal injury case.

Review received through Martindale-Hubbell Ratings Services