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What Remedies Are Available When Hurt on the Job?—Michael L. Roberts

Your employer has a set of obligations that grow out of Alabama Worker’s Compensation statutes. Generally, the employer is obligated to pay for medical services (though the employer or worker’s compensation insurance company has certain rights in the selection of the doctors or other medical providers). The employer is also required to make payments, generally on a weekly basis, for temporary or total disability while you are completely unable to work. FULL ARTICLE (Word document)

How Does Alabama Products Liability Law Affect Vioxx Cases?—Michael L. Roberts

In 1976, Alabama adopted the “Alabama Extended Manufacturer’s Liability Doctrine” which recognized that a manufacturer who makes an unreasonably dangerous or defective product has liability to someone injured by that product. Alabama’s version of this law is different that the product liability law in most states, in that it is more fault-based. FULL ARTICLE (Word document)

Tips and Traps in Auto Accidents—Michael L. Roberts

Recent changes and developments in automobile insurance law and related issues can create problems for the unwary who are dealing with the consequences of automobile accidents. FULL ARTICLE (Word document)

A Tribute To Trial Lawyers —Gregory Cusimano

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