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Medical Malpractice

The vast majority of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals are very dedicated men and women. Unfortunately, injuries and death due to medical mishaps and malpractice is an all too frequent occurrence. Often, it happens without serious injury, but sometimes the result of medical negligence is serious injury or death.

The attorneys at Cusimano, Roberts, and Mills review hundreds of possible medical malpractice claims, working closely with nurses, doctors and other professionals to determine the validity of a claim. We carefully provide you with answers to your questions on a time-sensitive basis.

90% of Real Medical Malpractice Claims Are Never Filed

Although people think that there are huge numbers of medical malpractice claims filed, the actual numbers indicate that only 10% of meritorious claims are actually filed. In order for claims filed to be successful, it must be proven that the medical provider failed to provide the standard of care expected by similar medical professionals.

Very Strict Time Limitations

There are very strict time limitations for filing a suit for medical negligence. If you suspect malpractice, you should seek our help immediately.