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Radiation Overexposure – CT Scans

February 25, 2010

Some people throughout the United States have received excess radiation as a result of medical imaging. Many of the scanners were GE machines. A case has been filed by our firm and others to create a medical monitoring fund to provide annual or semi-annual testing. The testing will (1) provide earlier detection of cancerous tumors resulting from the radiation; and (2) provide early detection to allow quick and decisive treatment.

GE has asked the Court to dismiss the case and is claiming that the patients’ hair loss and subcellular damage are not a “present injury.”

Hearing will be held in Washington D.C. this week concerning the safety and safeguards that can or should be implemented. Patients are hopeful that the hearings scheduled to be held tomorrow by the Committee on Energy and Commerce (Subcommittee on Health) will ask substantive questions regarding the safeguards that GE and other CT manufacturers have failed to include in their machines, which would have ensured patient safety and eliminated this unnecessary risk. We further hope that the Committee will uncover why it has taken the overexposure of hundreds of patients to garner the industry’s attention to this serious public health matter.

It has now been discovered that patients in Missouri have suffered exposure as well as patients in Alabama and California. The patients exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in Springfield, Missouri, appear to be another example of the industry’s disregard for patient safety.

The law firms representing patients are Cusimano, Roberts, Mills & Knowlton, LLC, in Gadsden, Alabama; Watson, McKinney & Artrip, LLP, in Huntsville, Alabama; and Owen, Patterson & Owen in California. Those wishing further information about the law suit may contact lawyers in those firms.